Faculty & staff

Prof PD Rwelamila

Tel: 011 652 0236
E-mail: rwelapmd@unisa.ac.za



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Fields of academic interests

Procurement Systems selection and management; Public Private Partnership (PPPs); Maturity of Project-Based Organisations (PBOs); Management of SMMEs; Project Management Education in Africa; Management of Mega Projects; Project Contracts and Risk Management

Field of Specialisation

Project Management, Procurement Systems and Engineering Economics

Journal articles

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Henjewele, C., Fewings, P. & Rwelamila, P.D. (2013). De-Marginalising

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Rwelamila, P.D. & Purushottam, N. (2016). Strategic project management as an innovative approach for sustainable green campus buildings in Africa: The need for a paradigm shift, Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, Vol. 5 Issue 3, 261 – 271 (ISSN: 2046-6099).

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Outstanding Achiever Award, CSIR (1999).
  • SBL Researcher of the Year Award, Unisa (2002).

SB05 Tokyo Award – Award A-1 Best Research Paper (joint) (2005).


  • Management of stakeholders in PPP projects.
  • Management of projects in post-war environments.
  • Appropriate project management models for ICT projects.