Customer Service Workshop

Customer Service Workshop - R3 200,00

Duration: Two (2) days

Customer service management, as a specific focus area of a broader marketing concept, has enjoyed considerable attention regarding the role that managing the customer experience plays in providing a competitive advantage. The marketing concept was conceptualised after realising that understanding customer needs and providing products, services and a service that satisfy customer needs provides the best platform for maximising profitability. A service that satisfy customer needs must be regarded from the customers’ viewpoint. However, much customer service staff may consider their effort to provide customer service as extraordinary, if the customer does not value the service, it may be regarded as ordinary. Organisations that provided a customer service that is regarded as extraordinary by the customers themselves, stand a better change to retain customers, create positive word of mouth (the strongest endorsement in current market/organisation communication) and grow their sales through providing excellent customer service. Excellent customer service is an integral part of an organisation’s customer relationship management (CRM) efforts. This, in turn, is dependent on the service climate of the organisation. Service climate refers to the perceived importance with which staff regard service quality. Without abdicating the role that staff should adopt in providing exceptional customer service, the role that other factors play should also be regarded when an organisation has a resolution to gain market preference through customer service. These factors will need to be addressed in a customer service workshop to provide a comprehensive view of how an organisational system should be optimised to enable customer service excellence.

Last modified: 2020/09/17