PGD prescribed booklist 2019

* Important: Students only need to purchase the books for the modules they are going to register for.

Module code Semester (1 or 2) ISBN Title Authors Edition Publisher
PBA4801 1 9781775785026 Economics: Global and Southern African Perspective Parkin, M 2nd Pearson
PBA4807 1 9781408093818 Management Accounting for Business Drury, C 6th Cengage Learning
PBA4807 1 9781473729520 Global Financial Accounting and Reporting: Principles and Analysis Aerts, W & Walton, P 4th Cengage Learning
PBA4805 1 No prescribed book for this module
PBA4806 1 9781305501393 Organizational Behaviour: Managing People and Organizations Griffin/ Phillips/ Gully 12th Cengage Learning
PBA4808 1 9781292215976 Information Systems Today:  Managing in the Digital World J Valacich, C Schneider 8th Pearson
PBA4802 2 9781291095158 International business: the challenges of globalisation Wild, JJ 8th Pearson
PBA4803 2 9781285734293 Business and society, ethics and stakeholder management Buchholtz, A.K 9th Cengage Learning
PBA4804 2 9780273768227 Statistics, Data Analysis and decision Modelling JR Evans 5th Pearson
PBA4809 2 9780077189303 Essentials of Strategic Management (bundled with Glo-Bus) Gamble, J.E 5th McGraw-Hill

Last modified: 2019/04/02