Addressing contemporary and future PM professional needs

After realising that most entities in the public and private sectors struggle to manage their projects and get effective results, Professor Pantaleo Rwelamila developed a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management for the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership. The programme was among those that were accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority in 2019.Read more

Unisa SBL military programme a ‘restoration of hope’

The Graduate School of Business Leadership is holding a four-day security cluster seminar that is bringing together veterans and officers to situate their research within broader transformation plans resolving socio-economic issues in South Africa.Read more

Taking control of the wheat breeding industry

Deregulation of the wheat industry has led to the creation of a private monopoly benefiting from public sector knowledge.Read more

Can I trust my Android?

Computers could be taught to behave as expected, using mathematical techniques.Read more

Leading by Example

A born leader with a talent for guiding change and building administrative centres of excellence, the SBL is thrilled to have Dr Isaacs join the team. Dr Isaacs took the time to provide us with his insights into academia and leadership, as well as to share a little bit about what makes him tick.Read more

Chairperson's foreword: Dr Claudelle von Eck

The Leadership dimension of the annual Corporate Governance Index (CGI) reveals that there is room for improvement when it comes to executive teams functioning optimally in delivering the strategy in their organisations.Read more

The Golden Age of Surveillance

We’re living in the Golden Age of Surveillance. We are always sharing information about what we’re doing, what we’re thinking through the utilisation of multiple devices.Read more

Interview with the Chair of the Alumni Association Executive Committee

Interview with the Chair of the Alumni Association Executive Committee, Dr Claudelle von Eck, SBL Alumnus and CEO of the Institute for Internal Auditors of South Africa Read more

Indigenisation and financial development: recent SBL study raises red flags

While every economy needs a highly developed and efficient financial system to drive financial and economic development, of increasing concern is that our local financial development index shows South Africa’s to be decreasing. Read more