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Unisa alumni share their journeys – Sibonakaliso Msane

Communicator extraordinaire Sibonakaliso Msane says that today’s tools for survival are understanding current and future global and local trends and ensuring that one possesses what the present and future will demand of one.Read more

Unisa alumni share their journeys – Ncamisile Connie Ndlovu

Law graduate Ncamisile Ndlovu feels that one needs to use the time afforded by the Covid-19 lockdown to update one’s skills to match the future, or reinvent oneself – and this is exactly what she’s been doing.Read more

Unisa alumni share their journeys: Soraya Smith

Human trafficking activist Soraya Smith loves working with Unisa students, and presents hard-hitting sessions to get them talking about human trafficking and ask questions about it.Read more

The plight of women in our society

Our tradition needs to go back to what the status of women really is, as opposed to what oppressive men make everyone believe it is, writes Sifundo KaZolile Ndzube.Read more

Student orientation goes virtual

In a first for Unisa’s Gauteng Region, students registering for the first time were orientated online, with presenters engaging with attendees via live chat.Read more

Unisa alumni share their journeys: Nonsikelelo Dubazana

Following the life-changing experience of contracting – and recovering from – Covid-19, Unisa alumna Nonsikelelo Dubazana challenges all Unisa students to practise the act of kindness.Read more

BLAsc assists students with much-needed essentials

The Unisa Tshwane Black Lawyers Association Students Chapter (BLAsc) recently distributed essentials to 90 students, enabling them to continue performing well academically during a very difficult time.Read more

Unisa alumni share their journeys: Mondli Nhlangulela

‘Life is a long and perilous journey, but with perseverance and faith success will eventually come,’ says LLB graduate Mondli Nhlangulela.Read more

Youth Day commemorations: a premature exercise?

A Unisa Regional Students Representative Council member argues that the youth struggle has not yet been accomplished, and that many gains of the youth revolution have been reversed.Read more