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Cape Town Tutorials

Cape Town Tutorials

Tutorial classes are offered at the Cape Town Campus in Parow to:

  • broaden students' understanding of the module
  • provide the necessary guidance on how to approach difficult content areas
  • encourage students to submit their assignments on time, and
  • provide support to students to adequately prepare for the examination.

At the Cape Town Campus in Parow, tutorial classes will be offered in 2 hour sessions.

Weekdays:16h00 to 20h00

Saturdays:08h30 to 17h00


  1. Register for your module(s) and pay the required deposit to confirm your registration (enquire at Student Administration).
  2. Ensure that you have an electronic access card. Electronic access cards can be obtained from our Access Card Office. You first need to pay a fee of R55 to your study fees account.
  3. Obtain your sticker from Counter 9 or at the Access Card Office.
  4. You will not be allowed access into the tutorial venues without your electronic access card.
  1. Tutorial classes are offered for selective modules ONLY.
  2. You need to verify if there are tutorial classes for your modules.
  3. If yes, complete this online enrolment form below.
  1. You will receive an SMS indicating the first date of your tutorial class.
  2. View the tutorial class schedule at http://learnsup.unisawc.com
  3. Please check your tutorial schedule online before coming to attend a tutorial class; schedules are provisional and subject to change.
  4. Further communication regarding tutorial classes and changes to the schedule will be via myLife email account
  5. You can also follow us on Twitter @wcunisa or Facebook http://facebook.unisawc.com

Students who will write a supplementary examination will not receive communication.

If you have not paid your minimum deposit for your registration, you will not receive communication for classes.

Please complete the enrolment form below

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