Unisa Student Satisfaction Survey: 2017 - part 2

Teaching & Learning and Student Support

As a student, you are Unisa’s most important stakeholder. The university therefore focuses its efforts on ensuring that you achieve academic success and have a positive experience throughout your journey at Unisa (student walk).  

To achieve this, Unisa aims to provide high quality academic and administrative support services to all its diverse student population. To continually enhance the quality of its services, Unisa conducts an Annual Student Satisfaction Survey. The aim is to gain insights about your experience of all aspects of the university and, based on these, to ensure that effective steps are taken to improve Unisa’s services.  

This is a comprehensive process taking place in three phases: the first covering the initial process up to the dispatch of study material; the second covering teaching and learning, and student support; and the third covering the graduation process and feedback from alumni.

The current survey deals with your perceptions regarding teaching and learning, student support services and administrative processes taking place during the academic period. The Student Satisfaction Survey is a crucial part of Unisa's strategic plan and feedback from the survey is used to inform strategic and operational decisions and planning.

The Unisa Student Satisfaction Survey has been conducted successfully since 2005. The findings are very valuable in providing clear indications of your experiences and concerns. Moreover, they are widely used to identify measures that will ultimately lead to improvement of Unisa’s processes and ultimately greater student satisfaction and action plans for improvements needs to be submitted. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you complete and submit the questionnaire. This is your opportunity to actively participate and contribute directly to improving student experiences at the university. 

The research team reports to the university’s Ethical Committee and you can be rest assured that the information provided by you will be treated confidentially. It will be used only to enhance the quality and relevance of the university's services. Therefore, we strongly encourage all students to participate in this survey in order to help us to help you.  

Any enquiries can be addressed to Mr Herman Visser (012 429 2839;>) or Mrs Madeleine Goetz (012 429 3329;

Kind regards
Prof QM Temane
Registrar (Acting)

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