Submission of some semester 2 assignments extended to Monday 21 August 2017

We are aware that your registration may have been finalised after the closing date for semester 2 registrations and that you may, therefore, have missed some assignment submission dates.

To ensure that every Unisa student has the opportunity to submit their assignments, the submission cut-off date for all assignments scheduled before 21 August 2017 has been changed to 21 August 2017. Unisa will therefore accept, mark and process your assignments until 21 August 2017 if you are unable to submit them by the published due dates. We urge you to submit your assignments as per the original submission dates, if at all possible, to prevent an overload of the myUnisa system on 21 August 2017.

This extension is applicable to all assignments that contribute to admission to examinations, but excludes blog and discussion forum assignments. All assignments due after 21 August 2017 must be submitted by the relevant due dates as indicated in your Tutorial Letters 101.