Extension of the May and June 2018 examinations

Unisa signed an agreement on 23 April 2018 with students regarding the extension of the May-June 2018 examination period. In terms of this agreement, all examinations commencing from 7 May 2018 to 18 May 2018 will now also be written from 18 June 2018 to 29 June 2018. Please note that the decision to extend the examinations applies only to formal qualifications and NOT to short learning programmes.

Click here for the full agreement.
We advise you to write your examinations at per the original timetable if at all possible. Examination venues for the new dates are not guaranteed and you may be required to write your papers in venues allocated by the University.
Detailed information about the extension of the May-June 2018 examination period, including updated examination timetables, will be available by Friday 4 May 2018.  

Publish date: 2018/04/26