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His Story is History

Rural village future through the eyes of rural village boy

Author: Tlou Setuma
Published: July 04, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-86888-600-5
Number of pages: 250
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About the book

Having endured a lifetime of struggle from childhood, through youth and the beginning of his adult life, South African Tlou Setumu shares with readers a personal account of his rural and urban experiences.
This memoir is both the story of rural life and a chronicle of struggle against poverty for over three decades.
Find out from this book how many doors were banged in Tlou Setumu’s face.
Yet he continued his struggle against poverty, and ended up playing a valuable role in the preservation of heritage in Limpopo Province, within South Africa’s rural community. In spearheading the development of heritage in Limpopo, he has left a personal legacy which stands as an example to his community.

`What Setumu gives us in relation to his memories and experience of rural life is a portrait of poverty that continues to ravage most parts of our country. In so doing, he makes a valuable contribution to the untold stories of the history of our land.
- Mpho ya gaNgoepe

Table of content

Illustrations vi
Foreword viii
Prologue 1
1 Setting the stage 3
2 Makgabeng: Hope out of rural poverty 6
His story is history and heritage 13
3 Life begins … 15
4 High school days 39
5 A few rands cannot alleviate poverty 58
6 Experimenting with the migrant labour system 75
7 New feeling of determination 91
8 Transition 110
9 When one door closes, another opens 128
10 Light at the end of the tunnel 145
11 Life still so full of challenges 159
Village future 181
12 Heritage revolution 183
13 Makgabeng: A case of heritage resources
revolutionising rural villages 192
14 Concluding ideas 201