Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute

Afrikan Feminist & Gender Studies

Qualification code: (76817)

Course objectives

  • To build critical understanding of gender and development
  • Develop appreciation of Afrikan and feminist scholarship for the global South
  • To familiarise participants with the tools for gender-aligned state planning such as gender mainstreaming
  • To locate gender analysis within economic development and offer a critique of current approaches in public planning
  • To enable participants to analyse African women’s contributions to the African Renaissance and related fields such as     Anticolonialism

Module 1- History of Third World Feminism (HIPGETF)


  1. Introduction to the theories  of Afrikan feminism
    • History of Afrikan feminism
    • Analysis of African Women’s Literature

  2. South African feminism and women’s struggles
    • Trade Unions and women’s party political engagement
    • Race, activism and memory
    • Theorising feminism in South Africa post 1994

  3. Evolution of Third World Feminism[TWF]
    • Evolution of TWF
    • Tension between Black and White Feminisms
    • Womanism and other forms of TWF 

Module 2: Critical Approaches of Gendered Policy Planning and Design (CAGEPDR)


  1. Gendered policy design
    • Post – colonial welfare approach to policy design
    • Modernization development policy in African states
    • State socialism and approaches to gender centric policy making
    • Impact of gender inequality on trade performance and policy outcomes

  2. Critical analysis of gender mainstreaming
    • Origins of Gender mainstreaming
    • Gender and Development
    • Gender analysis frameworks and tools
    • Mainstreaming Gender in programmes and projects

  3. Locating women in economic planning in Afrikan States
    • Domains model of women’s empowerment
    • Gender budget as an instrument of women centred policy planning
    • Assessment of the New Growth Path and National Development Plan and gender gaps

Module 3- Afrikan Feminism an Instrument for Social Change (AFAINS8)


  1. Understanding  Afrikan feminism  as a force for anti colonial  and anti imperialist struggles
    • Assess Feminism in relation to the the Afrikan State
    • The role of the State in Economic policy making
    • Role of feminist struggles in shaping the South African state

  2. Forms Of Feminism And Their Context Within Afrikan Liberation
    • Analyis of Liberal feminism
    • Analysis of  Radical feminism
    • Analysis of Socialist/Marxist feminism 

  3. Forms and constructions of Afrikan Socialism
    • Introduction to the National Question
    • Analyse  that question in relation to women
    • Understand the role of the State in leading women’s policy interests

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Admission requirements

To be accepted into Short Learning Programmes, all prospective students must have:

  • NQF 4 or matric certificate or equivalent
  • a one year (minimum) tertiary quaification


Prospective students are expected to pay the full price per module(s) being registered. Read more


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