Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute

African Political Economy - The African Economic Challenge

Qualification code: 76734

Course objectives

  • To build basic knowledge of macroeconomic theory and policy
  • To familiarise students with the elements of economic theory applicable to Africa’s most important economic challenges
  • To discuss alternative approaches to the study of economics, globalisation and development in the context of Africa’s economic challenges
  • To study cases of African economic challenges drawn from across the continent
  • To introduce learners to the study of African political economy


  1. Economic Theory with Reference to African Development (CAPE01L)
    • Introduction to Macroeconomic Theory
    • Economic Theories of Growth with Reference to Africa
    • Perspectives on the Global Economy and Globalisation
  1. African Economies and Their Place in the World Economy (CAPE02M)
    • Africa in the World Economy
    • African Economies in the Independence Era
    • The Challenge of Regional Integration
  1. Perspectives on Challenges for African Economies and Models for Growth (CAPE03N)
    • Managing Abundant Resources
    • Future of Africa’s economic development

Admission requirements

To be accepted into Short Learning Programmes, all prospective students must have:

  • NQF 4 or  matric certificate or equivelant certificate
  • a one year (minimum) tertiary quaification


Prospective students are expected to pay the full price per module(s) being registered. Read more


Last modified: 2019/11/29