Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute


TMALI is an institute of Unisa in partnership with the Thabo Mbeki Foundation. The principal purpose of the institute is to train Africans for the political, economic, social and cultural renewal of the African continent and its people based on the all-Africa policies already agreed through the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and the African Union (AU). To give expression to its overarching objective, TMALI is invested in creating new African thought leaders to help ensure that adopted African policies are accepted by the people of the continent. It also aims to facilitate their implementation in order to contribute towards the empowerment of as many Africans as possible with a view to achieving the African Renaissance and unity.

In the years since its establishment, TMALI has designed courses on a number of areas that are of relevance for the further advancement of the renewal of the African continent. The organisation is currently exploring the idea of introducing postgraduate diplomas in the areas pertaining to Africa’s development. Of importance are TMALI’s book series project and the emerging scholars’ programme, within the ambit of TMALI’s new research and innovation strategy. TMALI also works with the Thabo Mbeki Foundation on major annual events such as Africa Day and International Women’s Day. The institute also collaborates with like-minded institutions on numerous aspects of its overall academic, research and community engagement programme – for instance, since inception, TMALI has been part of the yearly African Renaissance for African Unity Annual Conference which brings together African scholars and other eminent Africans from all corners of the world. TMALI also regularly convenes symposia, colloquia, seminars and conferences.

TMALI is governed by a Management Board, which is made up of relevant top managers at Unisa and the Trustees of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation. The Board gives overall strategic direction and guidance to the Head of TMALI, who reports to the Vice-Principal for Academic, Teaching, Learning, Community Engagement and Student Support. In addition, an International Advisor Committee was set up in 2013, to advise the TMALI Management Committee and the TMALI Management Board with regards to TMALI’s work and assist in promoting TMALI’s activities and programmes.


Towards the centre of excellence for African thought leadership for Africa’s renewal


To advance African Renaissance through being a centre of choice for research, teaching, learning and dialogue

Value Proposition

A strong sense of African identity empowered to act and empowered to become an authentic African leader in the service of humanity

Purpose of TMALI

To invest in and liberate new thought leaders for Africa’s rejuvenation in the 21st century and beyond in order to:

  • contribute to the ongoing process of the development of leadership on the continent
  • contribute to the resolution of the persistent problem of African under-development
  • contribute towards (re)building African institutions in the areas of politics, commerce, trade, culture, investment, among others
  • contribute towards policy development on critical challenges facing the continent

Last modified: 2019/05/14