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(De) Monopolising Paradise

Author: Sultan Khan and Lubna Nadvi
ISBN: 978-1-86888-694 4
Number of pages: 155
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About the book

(De) Monopolising Paradise argues that some interpretations of Islamic texts serve to distance Islam from other communities. Originally published as ‘Islam and non-Muslims’ by M.I. Meer in 1956, this edited version offers an in-depth interpretation of Qur‘ânic verses, with the idea that unlike other religions, which regard salvation as the sole monopoly of their followers, Islam recognises that God-fearing people of other religions would be duly rewarded by their Lord for pursuing the path of righteousness within the context of their faith. (De)Monopolising Paradise is an intellectual inquiry into what the Qur‘ân actually says about Muslims and non-Muslim relationships; it is a treatise for all persons of faith reminding them of the real message of Islam, Tawhîd, (Oneness), and the idea of unity under one God.


“This is a fascinating book, written by an inquisitive South African Muslim scholar in the 1950s, who explores the central tenets of his faith and their relationship to universal tolerance. It is a kind of bottle post from 60 years ago that fits right into today's heated discussion about civilisation clashes and the search for transversality.” - Prof Markus S. Schulz, International Sociological Association, President RC07, University of Illinois, USA.

“This cogently argued text contributes substantially to Islamic thought and should be eagerly read by those interested in Muslim and non-Muslim relations.” Prof Muhammed Haron, Department of Theology of Religious Studies, University of Botswana

“The editors have successfully resurrected the timeless philosophy of Moosa Meer, which goes beyond the academic limits and touches the day-to-day life of people intellectually, politically and culturally. It builds a blueprint for multi-religious and multi-ethnic societies without compromising on the Islamic faith. A must-read for anyone who wishes to negotiate an honourable place in such a society based on conviction and not convenience.” Prof Rizwan Qaiser, Honorary Director of the Centre for the Study of Comparative Religions and Civilisations, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.

(De) Monopolising Paradise is undoubtedly a multi-layered text which refuses to be trapped by time and history. Although punted as a book that deals with mainly issues of inter-religious tolerance, dialogue and peace, it would be a gross error to limit the book to matters of inter-faith relations; it is also for those in search for peaceful and meaningful co-existence across the religious and cultural divide.” Tahir Fuzile Sitoto, School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Table of content

  • Rasûllullâh Messenger of God
  • Sahib A word of respect suffixed after the name of a notable Personality
  • Salâh Daily obligatory prayers said five times in the Arabic Language
  • Sâlihîn Pious Muslims
  • Siddîqîn Those who are truthful
  • Shaykhs Learned Muslim scholars
  • Sharîah Islamic Divine Law
  • Shîah An Islamic sect that believes that the legitimate successor of Prophet Muhammad should have been Ali and not Abu Bakr Shuhadâ’ Martyrs
  • Sunnî A follower of the way (Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad Surah A chapter of the Qur’ân
  • Taqlîd Adoption of a legal decision of a particular school of I slamic jurisprudence
  • Ulamâ’ Learned Muslim scholars
  • Zakâh Compulsory charity that is to be given out to poor Muslims