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Professor Evode Mukama


Professor Evode Mukama
Associate Professor in Learning Technologies
University of Rwanda

Professor Evode Mukama holds a PhD in Education (Linkoping University, Sweden); MEd (University of Natal, Republic of South Africa); BEd (National University of Rwanda, Rwanda). He is currently an Associate Professor in the College of Education at the University of Rwanda.

He is the Global Network Council Representative and the Creative Commons Rwanda Chapter Lead. He served as the Head of Department of ICT in Education, and Open Distance and eLearning at the Rwanda Education Board for three years. He led the development of ICT Essentials for Teachers in collaboration with UNESCO Regional Office. He chaired a Task Force and a working group on the establishment of a College of ODL and has initiated the development of a National ODL policy in Rwanda.

Prof Mukama has organised and facilitated several conferences and workshops on learning technologies and ODL practice for primary and secondary teachers and for the faculty. He has been the Director of the Centre for Instructional Technology and Deputy Director of Research at the University of Rwanda (former National University of Rwanda) for several years. Prof Mukama was also in charge of academic staff professional development in ICT-enhanced learning and pedagogical skills at the same university. His research interests include learning practice in ICT-rich environments, smart communities, educational change and curriculum development with ICT as a pedagogical tool.

His recent research publications relate to coping with change in ICT-based learning environments; computer-supported collaborative learning; students’ interaction with web-based literature; the use of technology in the student everyday social practice, technology-based learning projects, and the interplay between policies and implementation of ODL.

Prof Mukama has been a teacher from basic to higher education. He has been involved in learning technologies, curriculum design, learning, teaching and assessment for more than 20 years.