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Dr Karin Wolff


Dr Karin Wolff
Advisor: Teaching & Learning
Faculty of Engineering Stellenbosch University
South Africa

Dr Karin Wolff has been in education for over two decades, and in engineering education since 2008. She has worked as a lecturer, curriculum specialist, student learning support manager, and in staff development at four South African universities. Her doctoral research (University of Cape Town) looked at the relationship between mathematics, physics and logic in complex engineering problem solving. She draws on Social Realism, particularly Legitimation Code Theory, to analyse and design knowledge-building practices. As Teaching & Learning Advisor in the Faculty of Engineering, Stellenbosch University, and board member of the South African Society for Engineering Education (, she is currently collaborating on initiatives to better understand the impact and implications of the shift to Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) []. Her research website and publications are available at: