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Extended Science Pathway

What is the Extended Science Pathway?

The Extended Science Pathway provides learning support in extended streams within selected science diplomas and degree qualifications. This support is largely provided in the form of tutorials within each module, but also includes mentorship and assistance in English language, mathematics, information and computer literacies. The purpose of the Extended Science Pathway is to improve the success rate in science programmes, thereby increasing the pass rate of our science students.

This special learning support is available to students at no additional cost.

What is an extended programme?

Extended programmes are streams within regular diploma or bachelor degree qualifications which are offered over a longer period than the formal time for regular programmes. On completion of an extended programme, students are awarded the same diploma or degree certificate as students in the regular streams within a qualification. The purpose behind the extended period of learning is to accommodate additional learning support.

The general regulations stipulated for a regular qualification apply. In addition, the following regulations are specific to the extended programmes:

  • In the first and second years of study, students are restricted to a maximum of 60 credits of prescribed, sequenced modules per year.
  • At least 50% of the first and second-year curriculum is made up of extended (year) modules, with foundation provisions.
  • The minimum number of years required to complete a full extended programme is the approved minimum formal time plus one year for the regular programmes.
  • The maximum number of years required to complete a full extended programme is the approved maximum formal time plus one year for the regular programme.

The normal rules that regulate progression (including repeats in modules) within the qualification will apply.

Benefits of the Extended Science Pathway

If you are in the Extended Science Pathway, you have access to a range of learning support interventions. For you to benefit fully, though, you will need to put in some extra effort into your studies. You can do this by simply taking advantage of all the additional support activities that we will provide for you.

Upon registration for a science qualification, you will immediately be linked to an e-tutor who will mentor you and provide academic support. You will have access to special tutorial sites for each Science Foundation module on Unisa’s electronic learning platform, myUnisa, where you will interact with the e-tutor and with other students enrolled for the same subject.

To find out more about the qualifications and modules with an Extended Science Pathway, admission to the Extended Science Pathway, and the additional support offered for these modules, read more in the Extended Science Pathway document (PDF).

Last modified: 2018/12/12