Undergraduate & honours qualifications

Options 3 & 4: Post and fax

Please check that you have completed the registration form correctly using the information on this website. Errors or inaccuracies may result in your registration being delayed or not processed. We therefore urge you to register online or by making use of our self-help terminals at Unisa regional offices.

Completed registration documents and payments must reach Unisa before the closing date for registrations. Please don’t include cash or cheques with your documents. Completed registration forms can be faxed to 012 429 4150.

Pay the minimum initial fees at any First National bank branch, using your student number as your reference number when paying. Proof of payment must be faxed to Unisa on 012 429 4150 or included with your registration documents.

Please note:

  • The university cannot be held responsible for any registration forms that do not reach Unisa by the closing date for registrations.
  • Provisional registration where the minimum initial payment is not paid by the closing date, will be removed and the affected students will have to register during the next semester.
  • Students who did not pay the full minimum initial amount, must reduce the number of modules before the closing date of payment and inform the University of the preferred modules.

Guidelines on completing your registration form (for undergraduate registrations only)

Please request a registration form from a Unisa regional office. Please also note that Unisa will not accept any registration forms submitted via e-mail.

New and re-registering students must check the pre-populated form for accuracy and provide any missing information. Amend any information where applicable. Complete the form in black ink and write as clearly as possible.

  1. Make 2 additional photocopies of the form before you begin (in case you make a mistake).
  2. Complete both sides of the form.
  3. Check that your qualification and personal information is correct. It is very important to provide your correct address and cellphone numbers. Incorrect information may delay the delivery of your study material and prevent you from receiving important information from the university.
  4. If you have a disability, please look at the registration form codes section. 01 is the code for no disability.
  5. Check your cellphone number and myLife e-mail address (if you already have one). This is how Unisa will contact you.
  6. Check the exam centres. Ensure that the venue code corresponds with where you want to write your exams. If you want to change your examination venue, ensure that you apply by the due date for the specified examination period.
  7. Your first study pack will be sent to you via the option you select on your registration form, so please ensure that your postal and courier delivery addresses are correct. Study material can also be found on myUnisa.
  8. Indicate for module the period for which you are registering: semester 1 (1); semester 2 (2); the year (0) (applies to year modules only).

Study pack delivery options

At the point of registration, you will have three delivery options to choose from for your first study pack for the semester:

1. Courier

There is no additional fee to courier your study material. Please provide Unisa with the following:

  • a valid and active cellphone number
  • an alternative and valid contact number (in case we can't get hold of you via your cellphone number)
  • a valid and correct courier delivery address

In an effort to ensure that study material packs are delivered on time to the right student, Unisa requires the student (or a designated person) to present proof of identity and provide a contact number to the courier company.

This information, together with the recipient's signature, will be captured on the courier delivery form to ensure that study material packs are delivered timeously and to the correct student.

2. Post Office

Provide Unisa with a correct address, suburb and postal code, and a valid and active cellphone number. It is very important that you collect your study material from the Post Office as soon as you receive the notification SMS.

What should I do if I don't receive the notification SMS?

  • If you don't receive the notification SMS within 10 days of your registration being finalised, please enquire at your local Post Office.
  • If your study pack is not available at your local Post Office, please contact Unisa's Despatch Division urgently

3. Counter collection

All Unisa students may make use of this option, but the counter collection points are only available at Sunnyside (Pretoria), the Science Campus (Florida), Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Polokwane, East London, Mahikeng, Port Elizabeth and Mthatha. If you select this option, your parcel will be picked / packaged as soon as your registration is finalised, and you will receive an SMS from Unisa once your parcel is ready for collection from your preferred collection point.

  • Sunnyside and Science (Florida) Campus counters: You must collect your study material pack within two working days (48 hours) of receiving the SMS. If you do not collect your study material within this time period, your study pack will then be posted to you via ordinary mail by the South African Post Office.

  • Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Polokwane, East London, Mahikeng, Port Elizabeth and Mthatha  counters: You must collect your study material pack within 5 working days of receiving the SMS. If you do not collect your study material within this time period, your study material will be sent back to Unisa's Science or Muckleneuk Campuses.

We encourage students who choose the counter collection or South African Post Office options to collect their study materials on time when notified.   

Please note:

  • This delivery option only applies to your first study pack. Subsequent material will be sent via ordinary mail service from the South African Post Office. Once you have registered, you must register on myUnisa. This will enable you to access your study material online.
  • Study material for second semester modules will only be sent to you at the start of the second semester. Second semester study material will also only be available on myUnisa at the start of the second semester.
  • All communication sent to you after the initial study package (with the exception of study guides) will be sent electronically to your myLife e-mail account (eg follow-up tutorial letters, examination timetables and results, financial statements). You will no longer receive such communication in printed format.

Last modified: 2020/02/06