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Social Environmental Studies: Civil IV : Module B: Theory - SNS4702

Baccalareus Technologiae Degree Year module NQF level: 7 Credits: 10
Module presented in English Module presented online
Co-requisite: SNS4701 & SNS4703 & SNS4PJA
Purpose: In social Environmental Studies the focus is on the human environment, an aspect of major concern in Geography. Although an academic subject in its own right, it is also strongly multidisciplinary in nature. The link between Civil Engineering and Geography is not only a theoretical but also evident in practice. Engineers work in the field and geographers collect data there and represent the information on maps, interpreting it spatially. Engineers need to understand the environment in which they work in order to apply their skills. Essentially they use the natural environment to plan, construct and maintain a facility to benefit people. In their world of work, awareness of the people living in a particular place is as important as the physical landscape that they seek to manage. Geographical literacy and other skills used in this course, will give you and idea of the diversity of people, places and natural phenomena. You will need such when involved in planning and implementing projects. At the end of this course students will be acquainted with a geographical perspective applied, natural and human environments, the representation of earth: maps and their use, the world population, cultures of the world, the urban environment, the distribution of wealth in the world, from global and local, global patterns of water, soil, plants and animals, global water issues, the loss of biodiversity. Our earth: some environmental concepts and terms, sustainable development, turning ethical theory into practice, environmental justice, human-centered ethics (resources, conservation, issues), nature- centered ethics ヨ animals, nature and land, the law and sources of South African law, what is the law, law and environment, the constitution of South Africa.