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Reactor Technology IV - RTE4701

Baccalareus Technologiae Degree Year module NQF level: 7 Credits: 12
Module presented in English Module presented online
Co-requisite: CEM4702
Purpose: Mole balances: Definition of rate of reaction; General mole balance equation; Batch reactors, continuous-flow, continuous-stirred tank reactor, tubular reactor, industrial reactors; Conversion and reactor sizing: Definition of conversion; Design equations; Batch and flow systems; Applications of the design equations; Reactors in series; Rate laws and stoichiometry. Collection and analysis of rate data: Batch reactor data: Differential method of rate analysis, internal method, least-squares analysis; Experimental design: Finding the rate law, experimental planning. Isothermal reactor design: Design structure for isothermal reactor: Batch operation, design of CSTRs, tubular reactors; Pressure drop in reactors: pressure drop and the rate law, flow through a packed bed, pressure drop in pipes; Reversible reactions. Multiple reactions: Conditions for maximizing the desired product in parallel reactions; Maximizing the desired product in series reactions. Non-isothermal: Energy balance; Nonisothermal continuous reactors at steady state; Equilibrium conversions; Multiple steady states. Catalysis and catalytic reactors: Catalysts: Definitions, catalyst properties; Steps in a catalytic reaction, synthesizing rate law, mechanism, rate-limiting step; Design of reactors for gas-solids reactions: Heterogeneous data analysis for reactor design; Distributions of residence times for chemical reactors.