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Pharmacology and Toxicology - PHT201J

Diploma Year module NQF level: 6 Credits: 24
Module presented in English
Purpose: Pharmacology: Introduction to pharmacology: definition of medication, absorption distribution and metabolism of drugs, routs of administering drugs (oral and parenteral), factors influencing the above mentioned, withdrawal period; medications used in animals, handling and storage of drugs; knowledge of: antibiotics, antibacterials, hormones, antihistamines, vitamins, counterirritants, emollients, vaccines, antisera, fungicides, insecticides, anthelminthics, disinfectants, immobilizations, anaesthetics, antidotes and antiseptics. Toxicology: Study of the effect and treatment of diseases caused by toxic products such as: arsenic, lead, urea, salt, strychnine, cyanide, mecury, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organophosphates, herbicides, rodenticides and poisonous plants, minerals and fungi.