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Mechanics I (Practical) - MCA1PRA

Diploma Year module NQF level: 5 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Co-requisite: PHY1501
Purpose: The modules MCA1PRA and AMC1PRA are the same and deal with the Practical work part of Mechanics and Applied Mechanics. The primary goal of this module is helping students to develop experimental skills. The practical modules are year modules while the theory part is presented as a semester module. This is the practical work part of module PHY1501. It should be taken simultaneously with PHY1501 or after PHY1 501 has been passed. Students should attend a practical session of between 1-3 days at a selected University that will be made known to them in a tutorial letter. Experiments are selected from the following topics: Determination of components, resultants and reactions (parallelogram, triangle and polygon of forces), moments, centre of gravity, friction (static and kinetic friction), gear ratios and mechanical advantage and velocity ratio (wheel and axle, screw jack).