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Learner Support for Learners Experiencing Learning Difficulties - FDELD4G

Certificate Year module NQF level: 6 Credits: 24
Module presented in English
Purpose: The world in which a learner lives and learns as the cause of learning problems; the world in which the learner lives and learns; the quality of the school environment and the teaching as the cause of learning problems; problems relating to the teacher; problems relating to the teacher's participation in the teaching event; learner-related problems; language problems; reading problems; written language; English as a second language and medium of instruction; problems with mathematics in primary school; study problems; problems related to a learner's parents and home upbringing; problems with parent articipation. Completion of a workbook; assess a learner who experiences language difficulties (listening, speaking, reading and writing) as well as mathematical difficulties. The mark for this workbook will contribute towards the final mark.