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Chemical Engineering Technology IV: Heat and Mass (Module B) - CEM4702

Baccalareus Technologiae Degree Year module NQF level: 7 Credits: 12
Module presented in English Module presented online
Purpose: Revisit basic heat transfer: Applied conduction: 1-D steady-state; Conduction through cylindrical pipes and multiple cylindrical shells; Radial conduction through spheres; Multi-dimensional heat conduction; Radiation: Ideal radiators; Non-Ideal radiators; Radiation Exchange; Heat transfer by radiation: Laws, radiation from real surfaces, radiation combined with convection and conduction; Convection II: Fundamentals: heat transfer coefficient and evaluation thereof; Boundary layer energy transfer mechanism, Nusselt modulus, dimensional analysis; Forced convection inside tubes and ducts: Effect of Reynolds number and Prandtl number, laminar flow and turbulent flow; Forced convection over exterior surfaces: Flow over bluff bodies; cylinders and spheres and tubes in bundles, application to heat exchangers; Heat transfer with change of phase: Boiling, condensation, freezing and melting; Mass Transfer: Fundamentals of mass transfer: Mass transfer operations, molecular diffusion in fluids, coefficients, analogies between heat, mass and momentum transfer, Simultaneous mass and heat transfer, equilibrium, diffusion between phases, material balances.