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Chemical Engineering Technology IV: Fluid Flow (Module A) - CEM4701

Baccalareus Technologiae Degree Year module NQF level: 7 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Purpose: Revision: Flow patterns; Newton's law; Non-Newtonian behaviour; Boundary layer; Energy relationships and Bernoulli equation; Momentum changes in fluid motion. Pressure head; Flow per unit area; Compressible and incompressible fluids; Flow of incompressible Newtonian f luids in pipes and channels: Flow patterns in pipes Pressure drop, friction factor and Reynold's number; Calculation of Pressure drop in fittings and curved pipes; Non-circular pipes; Velocity distribution: turbulent and laminar flow; Types of flow as a function of velocity gradient; Flow in open channels; Flow of incompressible Non-Newtonian fluids in pipes: Flow of general time independent non-Newtonian fluids : Laminar and turbulent pressure drops; Pressure drop in pipes for Bingham plastics; Power law fluids: flow and velocity distribution, expansion and contraction losses; Pumping of liquids: Pumps and pumping revisited; System heads; Centrifugal pumps: relations, series and parallel; Positive displacement pumps; Efficiencies; Pump selection; Control valves and pressure; Mixing of liquids in tanks: Mixers and mixing; Types of agitators; Dimensionless groups for mixing; Power curves; Scale up; Purging of stirred tank systems; Flow of compressible fluids in conduits: Energy relationships and equations of state; Ideal gas flow in a horizontal pipe: Isothermal. Non-isothermal, adiabatic (with a constriction); Velocity of propagation of a pressure wave; Compressors; Flow of two phase gas liquid mixtures in pipes: Flow patterns; Pressure drop by the Lockhart and Martinelli method when both; phases are turbulent; Flow measurement: Fluid pressure (static and impact); Measurement of fluid flow (pitot tube, meter nozzle, venturi, orifice, etc); Fluid flow through packed beds; Fluidisation; Unsteady State Flow.