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How colonialism's legacy continues to plague the ICC

The court has focused on African cases to the exclusion of developed countries, as well as developing regions such as Latin America, argues Unisa's Everisto Benyera, Associate Professor of African Politics in the Department of Political Read more

Internationally acclaimed researcher retires

Unisa hosted a virtual farewell for Prof Tilman Dedering, a valued member of staff, who dedicated 30 years of his academic career to the university. He joined the Department of History in the College of Human Sciences in 1990. Read more

The quiet of isolation transforms the creative process

As we deal with the uncertainty of living in a Covid-19 world, we can find solace and comfort in art. Unisan Dr Gwen Miller shares how she transfigured the process of grieving for her late husband in an outpouring of elegiac works. Read more

Pandemics cast long shadows

Dr Julie Pridmore from Unisa's Department of English Studies in the College of Human Sciences presents a fourth and final talk on fiction and quarantine, based on the 2005 South African novel, Garden of the plagues, by Russel Brownlee. Read more

Assisting disadvantaged learners and students during the Covid-19 crisis

Dr Fortunate Silinda says government, higher education and business need to work together in addressing matters of inequality in disadvantaged communities. Read more

Covid-19 presents new opportunities for CHS CE project

The Inside-out Outside-in team, who believe in facilitating processes where "outside" citizens can actively engage and collaborate with the "inside" correctional environment, see the pandemic as an opportunity to find new and meaningful ways of interacting safely with corrections community members. Read more

Addressing the nation in rap and hip hop: Black lives do matter

The PhD research of Dr Vuyolwethu Seti from Unisa's Department of Communication Science in the College of Human Sciences has been used in a song by the Hopeville Art Movement. Read more

The media often conflates malicious criticism with genuine critique—why it shouldn't

Prof Julie Reid of the Department of Communication Science at Unisa says the freedom of the press is important, and of course it must be protected. But the freedom of everybody else and of ordinary citizens is also important. Read more

No stopping for CHS storytelling

Dr Jan Maluleka from Unisa's Department of Information Science says this vital CE project is an effort to compensate for the rise of child-headed households where youngsters miss the most important steps of their early development, and Covid-19 isn't slowing his team down. Read more

Love and excess in a time of bubonic plague

Dr Julie Pridmore from Unisa's Department of English Studies in the College of Human Sciences presents a third talk on fiction and quarantine, this time focusing on Rose Tremain's 1989 novel, Restoration. Read more