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Ghanaian-born Swede earns PhD in Information Sciences from Unisa

Baaba Bonuedie, a Ghanaian-born resident of Sweden, defied the odds to graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Sciences from Unisa during the #2024UnisaAutumnGraduations. Her story exemplifies Unisa's global reach and ability to positively empower students to impact their communities, even from afar. Read more

Unisa Radio a stepping stone to greatness

SABC investigative journalist and producer Tshego Magolego, a proud product of Unisa Radio's student training and mentorship programme, has been nominated for a major award in the film and media industry. Read more

Unisa celebrates South African Library Week with book launch

To celebrate South African Library Week, the Unisa Library and Information Services, in collaboration with the Department of Information Science in the College of Human Sciences, launched a book titled Indigenous archives in postcolonial contexts: Recalling the pasts in Africa. Read more

World Social Work Day: A shared future for transformative change

Unisan Dr Sandile Dhludhlu shares his thoughts on the importance of this day in raising awareness about the importance of social services and promoting the positive impact of social work on individuals, families and communities. Read more

Collaboration equips staff to support students with disabilities

At a recent session presented by Unisa's Department of Social Work and the Advocacy and Resource Centre for Students with Disabilities, staff were trained to meet the needs and address the challenges of students living with a disability. Read more

Looking back at BRICS 2023: The role of external actors in peace and security cooperation in Africa

In the run-up to the 15th Annual BRICS Summit held in South Africa last year, Unisa brought together a transdisciplinary team to deliberate on matters related to the role of external actors in the peace and security architecture and reality of Africa. Read more

Teamwork triumphs: Unisans celebrate Multilingualism Awards victory

Unisa's College of Human Sciences' Language Projects Team were the biggest winners at the 2024 PanSALB Multilingualism Awards, scooping four awards. Read more

Womanism and black theology of liberation

In exploring possible contours of dialogue between Black Theology of Liberation and Womanist Theology, Prof Fundiswa Kobo strives to liberate fragmented black humanity as a whole. Read more

Unisa and partners launch exciting collaboration to promote SA languages

Announced at the university's International Mother Language Day celebration, Unisa is partnering with the Puku Foundation and ILIFA in a wide-ranging initiative to promote multilingualism and mother-tongue-based education and research, in addition to preserving and elevating the status of previously marginalised languages in classrooms, higher education institutions and society at large. Read more

Distinguished nursing scholar leads Unisa's humanities incubator

Guided by the motto "Lift as you rise", the Executive Dean of Unisa's College of Human Sciences, Prof Zethu Nkosi, envisions leading the college to become the best in the country by implementing appropriate systems and structures while creating an environment driven by integrity, kindness, constructivism and naturalism. Read more