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It's time for Africa

The Global WordNet Association has announced that the 11th International Global WordNet Conference will be held in January 2021 in Pretoria, a continental first. Unisa's Department of African Languages in the College of Human Sciences will form part of the local organising committee.
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Covid-19 not slowing down this quality assurance unit

Prof Nampombe Saurombe, Head of Academic QA and Enhancement in the College of Human Sciences at Unisa, says the programme review of the BA Honours degree in Archaeology by a panel of external reviewers - done virtually for the first time - was a success. Read more

A must for serious research

The Office for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Human Sciences recently held a virtual rating information workshop to assist potential applicants on how to complete their NRF online applications. Read more

Tackling drunk driving head on

Research conducted by the Road Traffic Management Corporation, in collaboration with the South African Medical Research Council and Unisa, shows that driver alcohol intoxication accounts for 27.1% of fatal crashes in the country, a figure considerably higher than current estimates. This is projected to cost the economy R18.2 billion annually. Read more

Going viral in a chaotic world

The annual Consulting Psychology conference celebrated its 10th year of existence and this first virtual event presented new challenges, reports Prof Michelle May from Unisa's Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology. Read more

Once upon a [digital] time…

The Department of Communication Science in Unisa's College of Human Sciences recently held a second lecture as part of their Community of Communication Scholarship Project. Dr Damien Tomaselli, from the University of Johannesburg, spoke on innovating story form in the wake of emerging technologies. Read more

A freewheeling conversation across continents

Lezandra Grundlingh, lecturer in the Department of Afrikaans and Theory of Literature, recently spoke to Avishek Sarkar, an instructional designer from India, about the challenges and triumphs of working in an ODeL university during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more

From unfledged to fully-fledged academics

The College of Human Sciences Research Postdoctoral Incubation Project, initiated by Prof Azwihangwisi Mavhandu-Mudzusi, nurtures newly graduated doctors in crucial research and supervision activities, leading to excellence in academia.
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The lingering and what remains to be said

Dr Garth Mason, who teaches in the Unisa Department of Religious Studies and Arabic, recently spoke on Emmanuel Levinas's other-directed ethics, which is founded on a decentred self and the unclosed circle of the other. Read more

There is life in soil

"Gardening is empowering and women have been gardening in Africa for a very long time. Why can't we do it again?" asks Selly Mathonsi, who is working with the CHS Meal of Peace CE project on a Peace Garden in the Tshwane CBD.
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