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Unisa College of Law not resting on its laurels

Schools and NGOs will be sitting pretty thanks to a college community engagement intervention that saw more than 6 000 tables and chairs—previously used for the university’s venue-based examinations—distributed across the country Read more

Unisa conservation crime researcher named in world’s top 10

Professor Friedo Herbig from the Department of Criminology and Security Science knew he had a respectable research track record in his field but he had no idea just how world-class it actually was until he discovered he was listed as the eighth most-published wildlife crime scholar globally Read more

Modern trends in prison systems

A Unisa Department of Corrections Management webinar - a digital first because of Covid-19 - addressed a variety of relevant themes on aspects of international best practice. Read more

Anti-corruption expertise at international level

Unisa's anti-corruption warrior, Dr Benni Lekubu, said at the BRICS Expert Round Table on Anti-Corruption Education and Training that universities should ensure the production of graduates who abhor corruption. In turn, these graduates will transmit anti-corruption values to those they have opportunities to lead or interact with in their communities. Read more

‘The No Sleep Team’ revel in their LLBs

Nothing is going to stop us now—not even Covid-19! Eight Unisa College of Law graduates travelled from as far afield as Johannesburg and Saldanha Bay for a private celebration held at the Pigalle Restaurant in Sea Point, Cape Town. Read more

So where to, Afrika?

Advocate Sipho Mantula of the College of Law says that the Covid-19 pandemic exposed deep structural inequalities and weaknesses amongst and between communities and in some rural villages of our beloved continent. Read more

All rise for Dikgang Moseneke

The former Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa - a Unisa alumnus and honorary doctorate recipient - will launch his judicial memoir at the College of Law on Tuesday. Read more

We need equity not equality

"Democracy is when the will of the people, including the poor, marginalised and those with disabilities, find expression in government policies and equal distribution of its resources," says Unisa's Mo-Afrika Kodisang Bokaba.
#HeritageMonth #MyHeritageYourHeritage Read more

The military, the enforcement and the coronavirus

Prof Angelo Dube from Unisa's Department of International Law recently published a short article on the challenges of deploying the army in civilian Covid-19 policing operations from a South African perspective. Read more

Transito: The truth behind the big money robberies

Old Unisan Hennie Lochner has turned his doctoral thesis into a book on cash-in-transit heists that is sure to appeal to professional crook catchers and armchair detectives alike. Read more