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'Writing does not equal research'

Prof Christo Lombaard, rated C1 by the NRF, argues that if research does not make a new contribution, nor take cognisance of the newest publications, trends, insights and debates, it is per definition not research, but simply writing. Read more

Watch: Confessions of a major media academic

View an enlightening and entertaining Unisa Radio interview with communication and media supremo, Prof Julie Reid of the Department of Communication Science. Read more

Influential researcher builds on the body of knowledge

Having moved from a Y-rating to a C2-rating by the NRF, Unisa’s Professor Puleng Segalo is considered as an established researcher with a good track record of quality outputs Read more

Iranian postgraduate student obtains Unisa PhD

Dr Mahboube Khalvati, a recent Unisa PhD graduate from Iran, shares her unusual postgraduate study journey in the field of English Theatre Studies. Read more

Interrogating the factors that affect student success

The support recipe for student success is far more nuanced than generally assumed, as is borne out by the eye-opening research conducted by Dr Fortunate Silinda of Unisa's Department of Psychology. Read more

Reflecting, resisting and (re)imagining pandemics

Unisa's Institute for Gender Studies hosted a webinar commemorating International Women's Day that brought together distinguished gender scholars, gender workers and gender activists to share their work and how it has been challenged by Covid-19. Read more

Addressing mental health in higher learning

Students and staff had to worry about their own well-being and that of their loved ones, while also having to think about their studies and performing well during the Covid-19 pandemic, says psychology expert Prof Puleng Segalo. Read more

Unisa’s renowned scholar in LGBTIQ earns prestigious nomination

Professor Azwihangwisi Helen Mavhandu-Mudzusi, Head of Graduate Studies and Research in the College of Human Sciences, is a finalist in the category of Established Researcher in the HSRC-USAf 2020 Medal in Social Sciences and Humanities for her outstanding contribution to social sciences Read more

Unisa Chair of Department humbled by nomination

Dr Fortunate Silinda, a research psychologist in the Department of Psychology, has been nominated as an emerging researcher for the HSRC-USAf 2020 Medal for Social Sciences and Humanities. Read more

Learning from the story of pioneering South African writer Sindiwe Magona

A literary icon, her autobiographies offer a way of understanding the country's brutal past in order to heal and move forward, writes Unisa’s Puleng Segalo in The Conversation. Read more