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Unisans perform well in accountancy competence examination

The College of Accounting Science has lauded the performance of its former students who participated in the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants' Initial Test of Competence examinations. Read more

Accountants can reduce the environmental impact of mining: pointers for South Africa

Writing in The Conversation, Unisa’s Professor Huibrecht Margaretha (Breggie) van der Poll examines the environmental impact of mining in South Africa Read more

Academically Resilient

Unisa’s 2021 Teaching and Learning e-Festival reaffirmed that the institution is a committed student-centric university that partners with the state, society and the continent – by ensuring that through knowledge, societies can become transformed for the better. Read more

Are South Africa’s biggest looters within the public sector?

Unisan Bafo Khanyeza writes in News24 of the widespread corruption at all levels of government in the country and which will remain long after SA has overcome the ramifications of the recent violent riots. Read more

Refusing to accept the status quo

Speaking at the CAS 2021 T&L Festival, the Chairman of the SAICA Board lauded the college for its resilience. “Your student performance was impressive, as from the 983 African candidates that passed the 2021 ITC exams, 315 were from Unisa. This is by far the highest contribution by a university and shows its commitment to the transformation of the accounting profession.” Read more

Unisa makes a significant contribution to transforming the chartered accounting profession

Almost a third of the African candidates who recently passed the professional assessment examination of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants are alumni of Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences. Read more

International collaboration examines a 21st century auditing philosophy

CAS academics recently engaged with their Turkish counterparts to survey the rapidly evolving auditing landscape and its related tech tools. Read more

The ineffectiveness of South Africa’s anti-corruption strategy

Bafo Khanyeza, Senior Lecturer at Unisa, features prominently in the March issue of Accountancy SA, a monthly magazine published by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, with his special report on audit reform. Read more

Unisa says farewell to exceptional alumnus

Outgoing Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu, who graduated with a BCompt Honours from Unisa in 1997, embodied the values of integrity, selflessness, humility, and hard work. He steadfastly believed in the South African constitution. Read more Read more

Tax researcher taking full advantage of grants

Sharon Smulders, an NRF-rated scholar and professor, says that her research makes a difference for SMMEs by ensuring that starting and running a small business is as easy and as simple as possible so that job creation in SA can thrive Read more