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Open Distance e-Learning and Visual Impairment: Disrupted echolocation

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29 March 2021
10:00:00 - 12:00:00


This presentation reflects on the place of visual impairment in the maze of the World Wide Web. Echolocating through the web disrupts teaching and learning due to lack of teacher competencies focused on visual impairment. A study conducted in five provinces of South Africa interviewed 252 teachers from 17 schools and 43 expert stakeholders in the field of visual impairment. Career transition of learners with visual impairment emerged as one on the main themes of the study. Technopedandragogy is recommended in this presentation as theoretical lens to understand career transitioning of learners with visual impairment.

About the presenter:

Prof. Maximus Monaheng Sefotho is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology (with a specialisation/focus on Career Guidance and Disability) at University of Johannesburg. His research and teaching work focus on Career Choice/Construction within the sphere of Contemporary Careers: Protean and Boundaryless as well as hephapreneurship (A concept he coined). Prof. Sefotho’s research emphasises career development and disability. Prof. Sefotho was also a research team leader from the University of Pretoria that conducted a study on visual impairment aimed at developing an Advanced Diploma in Visual Impairment Studies as well as co-editor of two books to be used in the program.

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