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Chance 2 Advance initiates 2018 service in Orange Farm

The Chance 2 Advance programme began its 2018 activities in the community of Orange Farm. This initiative sought to provide high quality community learning opportunities for the purpose of community empowerment.

The programme was hosted in collaboration with World Vision South Africa. The Orange Farm programme specifically focused on workplace readiness. Critical and indispensable skills required for the workplace such as understanding the world of work, administrative skills, conflict management, cultural diversity, how to use the internet for work and life, learning how to become a top performer in the workplace, and customer service were among the themes explored.

Apart from community members, a number of civil society organisations that seek the betterment of the Orange Farm community also supported the programme by sending their staff for training. The participants committed to sharing their knowledge with their organisations, networks, and family members.

Unisa academics Professor Sumei van Antwerpen (CEMS), Fhatuwani Makahane(Directorate for Counselling, Career and Academic Development), Dr Lesiba Molepo (Deputy Registrar Student Affairs and Regional Services: North Eastern), Mokateko Buthelezi (CSET), Moketo Bogopa (CSET) and Dr Genevieve James (Division: Community Engagement and Outreach) facilitated the workshops, sharing their academic expertise and knowledge with the community while simultaneously benefitting from community insight and experiences that would enrich scholarship.

The week-long programme from 19 to 23 February 2018 reached a total of 1 190 participants. Participants had the following to say (unedited):

Tholakele Solomon (World Vision Representative) emphasised how important learning interventions of this nature are for our communities. “We need to partner with institutions such as Unisa Chance 2 Advance to be able to provide the much needed critical skills training that the programme offers in its wide selection. Communities need access to learning and World Vision South Africa is glad to be a catalyst in the process. We hope to continue the relationship established to cater for the critical learning needs of the community”.

Norman Belushi: “Every time the community of Orange Farm has had access to learning and empowerment initiatives from Unisa Chance 2 Advance I have engaged. I have become a lifelong learner because of the programme. Since my participation I have managed to gain the necessary skills for the work place”.

Mpho Lobakeng: “I started volunteering a long time ago in 2008. I was a volunteer in the Community Policing Forum (CPF) and also in 2011 a volunteer at World Vision and through all the workshops received by the Chance 2 Advance programme in 2013 I got employed at the Department of Education as a Security Intern, then in 2015 I was employed as an intern at the Department of Education for cleaning. Now I am a World Vision Part Time Employee and I am also volunteering.”

*Submitted by Chevaan-Reedwaan Peters