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Unisa, shaping the future through science

The College of Science Engineering & Technology (CSET) supports Unisa’s research goals and strategies and focuses on two of its strategic niche areas in particular. This is namely the innovation and capacity building in science and technology, and open distance learning with a specific focus on the teaching of science, engineering and technology.

The college has top-notch researchers of whom 35 have received National Research Foundation (NRF) ratings including one A1, two B1, two B3, two C1, seven C2, 10 C3 and 11 Y2 ratings. Their research interests range from astronomy and mathematics to physics, chemistry and the various engineering disciplines. CSET is known to be a national leader in areas related to nanotechnology.

Notably, CSET has strong multi-disciplinary research teams working in areas related to water and energy. The Materials and Process Synthesis (MaPS), and Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability (NanoWS) units enjoy international recognition for their cutting-edge research. The MaPS unit specialises in novel techniques for designing chemical processes with an emphasis on reducing material and energy consumption as well as carbon dioxide emissions,  and has successfully completed projects for over 60 local and international companies.

The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is situated at the Unisa Science Campus in Florida, Johannesburg. The Campus is destined to grow research capacity and support research activities in the fields of agricultural, animal health horticulture, nature conservation, consumer and other vocational sciences. The college boasts with leading cutting-edge laboratory and horticultural facilities, which are not generally associated with open, distance, e-learning institutions, so that our students will have a place to grow their minds and put theory into practice, which is what every scientist dreams to do.

Students at a glance

Although close to 40 000 students are currently studying in science-related fields at Unisa, by investing in their success and attracting more people to these fields of study, we hope to deliver more qualified, skilled scientists to society. The very nature of open distance e-learning (ODeL) makes it possible for both undergraduate and postgraduate students to enrol for science-related qualifications wherever they are. With our cutting edge laboratories, facilities not generally associated with ODeL institutions, our students have a place to grow their minds to do what every scientist lives to do – match theory and practice, and put theory into practice.

With a variety of programmes offered in the fields of science, engineering and technology, as well as agriculture and environmental sciences, Unisa students are spoilt for choice.

The Science, Engineering and Technology Student Association (SETSA) is a student representative organisation that promotes creative initiatives for student success. The purpose of the student body is to address and serve the academic interests of all CSET students and to develop world-class graduates, to fuel the science, engineering and technology sector. SETSA leaders are actively involved with various school and community development projects and offer support to all students.

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