Department of Physics

Mr B Mukeru

College of Science, Engineering and Technology
School of Science
Department: Physics
Academic assistant
Tel: 011 670 9086
Fax: 011 670 3643


  • PhD Physics (UNISA, 2016)
  • MSc Physics (UNISA, 2012)


Fields of academic interests

Research interests

  • Study of light exotic nuclear systems
  • Breakup, Fusion and Transfer reactions induced by loosely bound exotic nuclei
  • Computational methods

Field of Specialisation

  • Theoretical Nuclear and Computational Physics

Journal articles

  • B Mukeru and M L Lekala, Effects of projectile resonances on the total, Coulomb and nuclear breakup cross sections in the 6Li+152Sm reaction.  Physical Review C94 (2016) 024602. DOI:
  • B Mukeru, M L Lekala and G J Rampho, Coulomb penetrability in the 11Be+208Pb breakup reaction. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 42 (2015) 085110 (12pp) DOI:
  • B Mukeru and M L Lekala, First-order and higher-order interferences in the 15C+208Pb and11Be+208Pb reactions. Physical Review C91(2015) 064609. DOI:
  • B Mukeru, M L Lekala and A S Denikin, Role of the diagonal and off-diagonal continuum-continuum couplings in the breakup of 8B and 19C on 58Ni and 208Pb targets Nuclear Physics A935 (2015) 18-27 DOI:
  • B Mukeru, M L Lekala and A S Denikin, Study of the nuclear and Coulomb interactions in the breakup of 19C on 208Pb. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 42 (2015) 015109 (11pp) DOI:


  • Project 1: Breakup of loosely bound nuclei

In this project, we mainly focus on

  • The study the interplay of the multipole interferences and the continuum-continuum cou-plings for different reactions. This will shed more light into a more clear understanding of effects the multipole transitions and continuum-continuum couplings in the breakup process.The importance of the diagonal and off-diagonal continuum-continuum couplings on various breakup channels will also be investigated. Separate total, Coulomb and nuclear breakups will be considered for a better understanding of the role of the nuclear breakup contribution in a Coulomb-dominated breakup reaction.
  • Breakups of 6Li, 7Li, 8Be, 7Be, 11Be loosely bound nuclei on different target masses. Here we aim to investigate the role of the fragment mass and charge in the breakup process. The effects of the projectile resonances and binding energy will also be considered. This provides a good opportunity to investigate the differences between the breakup of loosely bound and more stable projectiles.
  • Project 2: Structure of light hypernuclear systems

In this project the three-body cluster models for light hypernuclei, lambda He6, Lambda Li8, Lambda Be8, which are of current interest. We will calculate bound state properties, scattering parameters as well resonances, using the Lagrange-mesh method and Jost functions. These are simple methods and have been proven to be accurate, and numerically very simple to implement.

  • Project 3: Fusion and multinucleon transfer reactions

This project will mainly focus on studying the effects of nucleon transfer channels on fusion cross sections for incident energies below, around and above the Coulomb barrier. To this end, theoretical methods like the empirical channel coupling model, the Langevin equations, among others will be used.