Department of Mathematical Sciences

About Us


In order to achieve its vision, the Department of Mathematical Sciences seeks to:

  • Offer training in the development of mathematical skills, knowledge and insights in a way that is accessible to the African community.
  • Provide quality tuition, conduct relevant research and deliver academic services at the same level of internationally accepted best practice.
  • Recruit, develop, utilize and retain high calibre, motivated and dedicated staff
  • Engage in tuition and research projects that promote the cultural heritage of Africa and the eradication of poverty, discrimination and mathematical illiteracy.


  • Conducting research at a level on par with international standards
  • Engaging in theoretical, experimental and reflective research
  • Informing and supporting the tuition function

Academic Citizenship

  • Teaching and communicating mathematics and astronomy to the widest possible cross-section of the African society.
  • Providing academic services to the scientific community both nationally and internationally
  • Supporting mathematics education in Science, Engineering and Technology in all its aspects
  • Increasing mathematics access to Higher Education

Last modified: 2018/08/30