Department of Electrical and Mining Engineering

Lab Equipments

Transmission Line Trainer, Transfomer Trainer and Power Supply

PCB (print circuit boards) Design


Transmission Line Trainer – used to train students on features and components of the transmission lines, as well simulating all faults that may occur Transformer trainer – use to provide basic training on principles of transformer, how its designed and how it works, conducting test that needs be done on transformers Power supply – with Fixed three phase voltage as well as Variable three phase voltage supply.

This is PCB Machine use to print circuit boards, students can design their own circuit and then print it on this machine then after they can put components and solder them onto the printed circuit board. To build whatever electronic  projects they want to build.

Cutaway Models of Motors

Protection Relay Panel

These are series of Cutaway Models showing the inside construction of different types of motor, the models include DC Wound, Series Wound, Single Phase Induction. To teach students the understand of different construction of each type of motors.

This equipment is used to train students who are doing Electrical protection to do relay setting and testing as well as simulating faults that may occur in the protection system.

Electrical laboratory

Electronics lab

This is Electrical laboratory full of Electrical working stations, where different motor starters are found for example:

  • Direct on line starters panel
  • Star Delta starters panel
  • Automatic Resistance starters panels
  • Dual Speed Motor Starters
  • VSD Starter panels

There are 13 different starter types in this laboratory alone.

Electronics laboratory with all required equipment e.g. Functional Generators, Power Supplies (DC and AC), Computers, TCPIP Protocol trainers etc.

Last modified: 2018/11/20