Department of Chemistry

ME Aphane

College of Science, Engineering and Technology
School of Science
Department: Chemistry
Tel: 011 670 9311


  • BSc (Unisa)
  • BSc Hons (Unisa)
  • MSc (Unisa)
  • Advanced Outcomes Based Assessment (Unisa)

Fields of academic interests

  • Thermal analysis



  • CHE2612 - Physical Chemistry II
  • CHE2622 - Physical Chemistry Practical II
  • PCH241P - Physical Chemistry II (Engineering)
  • PCH2PRA - Physical Chemistry Practical II (Engineering)


  • Leaching and speciation of elements in South African fly ash.
  • Surface reactivity of South African fly ash.
  • Study in improving the whiteness of South African fly ash.

Selected Publications
'Determination of the structural formula of sodium tris-carbonatocobaltate (III), Na3[Co(CO3)3].3H2O by thermogravimetry'
Fikru Tafesse; Elias Aphane; Elizabeth Mongadi;* J. Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry, Online

'Influence of hydration time on the hydration of MgO in water and in a magnesium acetate solution'
M. E. Aphane; E. M. van der Merwe; C. A. Strydom;* J. Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry, 2009, 96 (3), 987-992

'The effect of calcining conditions on the rehydration of dead burnt magnesium oxide using magnesium acetate as a hydrating agent'
Strydom, C. A.; van der Merwe, E. M.; Aphane, M. E.;* J. Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry, 2005, 80 (3), 659-662