Civil Engineering

Work Intergrated Learning and Project based learning


You've arrived at a very important part of the National Diploma: Civil Engineering curriculum, namely your work-integrated learning, or WIL. The purpose of a WIL module is for you to observe and experience what happens in a workplace under the guidance of a mentor. This has many benefits, and will serve as an excellent preparation for when you enter the world of work once you have obtained your diploma. This module differs from a practical module in that your experience is not simulated in a laboratory or other facility, but gained in a real-life working situation. On successful completion of this module you should be able to demonstrate that you have acquired the practical knowledge and skills set out in this module.

It is your responsibility to secure an appropriate civil engineering work situation. However, this learning setting must be approved by Unisa.   You also need a workplace mentor. This person must be a professional engineer, technologist or technician who is registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).  As we explain in the study guide, your workplace mentor has a very important role to play in your learning. Please discuss the mentor's role (you will find this set out in section 3 of the study guide) with her/him and reach an agreement about your learning programme. Your learning programme should be incorporated into the productive work that you are expected to carry out in the workplace.


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