ICT4D Research Flagship

Project Leaders

Dr. VZ Mzazi (Chair ICT4D Flagship)

Dr. Mzazi is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing. He holds a PhD in the medical specialty of community health, and a master’s degree in computer science. His area of specialty is quality assurance in health care services and decision support systems. He has published in medical journals as well as in health informatics journals.

Email: hornevz@unisa.ac.za

Tel: 011 670 9057

Mr. Siphe Mhlana (Vice-chair ICT4D Flagship)

Mr. Mhlana is a Lecturer at the School of Computing. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Fort Hare. He is currently studying towards his PhD in Computer Science at the University of South Africa. His research interests include indigenous language systems and ICTs in education.

Email: mhlans2@unisa.ac.za

Tel: 011 670 9187


Prof. Judy van Biljon (NRF SARChI chair for ICT4D)

Prof van Biljon is a Professor in the School of Computing, an NRF rated researcher and holds the NRF SARChI Chair in ICT4D. Her inter- and transdisciplinary research includes human computer interaction for development (HCI4D), research collaboration and supervision practices for Open-Distance Learning.  She is the Chairperson of the International Development Informatics Association and the Coordinator of the International Network for Postgraduate Students in the area of ICT4D - Southern Africa chapter.

Email: vbiljja@unisa.ac.za

Tel: 011 670 9182

Prof. Hossana Twinomurinzi (Director of Research at NEMISA)

 Prof Twinomurinzi is a Professor with the School of Computing. He is currently the Director for Digital Skills Research at NEMISA, an Associate Editor for the African Journal of Information Systems, the Immediate Past Chairperson for the ICT4D Flagship at Unisa, and immediate Past Secretary for SAICSIT. His primary research interests are in Digital Skills, Digital Government, Digital Innovation and ICT for development.

Email: twinoh@unisa.ac.za

Tel: 011 670 9361


Last modified: 2019/10/14