Institute for the Development of Energy for African Sustainability (IDEAS)

Commercialisation at Projects

One outcome of the growing international reputation of the individuals at IDEAS is that in 2004 they signed a major contract with a South African based Chinese company to design and oversee the building of a pilot plant coal to liquid fuel plant in China. This was done with the view to building full-scale plants in the future. This project also involved laboratory work, the building, commissioning and overseeing of the running of a pilot plant in China. The plant was built and was operated successfully for 18 months.

Plant 1

The individuals at IDEAS have also been involved with the building of a demonstration plant in Australia for LINC Energy. The plant has used a syngas made from underground coal gasification to make liquid fuels using the groups experience in F-T Technology. The plant has been operational since 2008 and a full-scale plant is being designed.

Plant 2

A number of discussions are underway to roll out projects for a large number of companies in South Africa, Botswana, and the USA (each of these with a link to the relevant pages). SPII funding for building a Waste-to-Energy plant to the tune of R5 000 000 has been granted provided a commercial partner is found to supply matching funds. Talks are at an advanced stage with a potential commercial partner.

Commercial Vehicle

We are able to conduct this commercial work for industry through our commercial vehicle JMDD Energy (Pty) Ltd.

Last modified: 2018/02/28