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I-SET publishes "I-SET VOICES" documentary

Inspired towards Science, Engineering and Technology (ISET) is a community engagement flagship project of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology. The college recently collated and produced an "I-SET VOICES" documentary in collaboration with Rakhuma Creatives. This documentary explores and presents a sample of the voices within the I-SET communities, both physical communities and, more recently, the online communities.

The I-SET project was started in 2009, and has, over the intervening 12 years, engaged with learners, coaches, mentors, educators, students, facilitators and visionary community leaders.

Screenshot of the "I-SET VOICE" documentary from the I-SET YouTube channel

The I-SET community embodies a pay-it-forward attitude. This is demonstrated by the fact that learners who have participated in the teams often return to the community once they have aged out of the system to "give back" by volunteering to mentor, referee or coach.

The I-SET community also engages with stakeholders, which includes but is not limited to science centres, NGOs and community organisations. It is this community of dedicated and engaged members who have contributed on different levels to ensure the success of the I-SET project. Only a small selection of the vast number of community members could be included in the I-SET Voices documentary.

To ensure that the primary objective of the documentary – that is, to share the voices of the members of the I-SET community – would be met, the I-SET and Rakhuma Creatives teams worked with a vast body of content and interviews. We hope you’ll enjoy the documentary, which you’ll find on this link:

Please note that the teams are currently busy with a further documentary entitled "I-SET – Reflection of 12 years of engaged scholarship in science engagement!". The new documentary will be completed shortly.

* By Andzani Sibiya, I-SET Communications Administrator

Publish date: 2021-11-24 00:00:00.0