Community engagement

Socially Relevant Computing

What is Socially Relevant Computing?

This is a community engagement and outreach initiative of the School of Computing (SOC) registered in the Computing Pro Bono project. The project focuses on empowering students, young people, and the unemployed with the relevant software development skills that could assist them in addressing social challenges using technology in our local communities.

The project mainly exploits the computing and research expertise of the SOC staff and external stakeholders to empower our students and unemployed graduates to conceptualize and develop open socially relevant computing solutions that could address social and humanitarian challenges affecting our local communities.

The purpose of Socially Relevant Computing is:

To up-skill young people, especially students with limited industry exposure and unemployed graduates with practical software development skills. To expose our students, young people, and unemployed graduates to social challenges that could be addressed using Information and Communication Technologies.

To expose unemployed graduates to business start-up opportunities that could address social challenges in our communities To increase the number of female students participating in software development To contribute towards solving real problems for real people using available technologies in our communities (e.g. mobile devices). .

What is CSET doing?

Engages with external stakeholders to empower students, young people, and unemployed graduates with software development skills Engages with local communities to investigate social challenges that could be addressed using ICTs Provides training and support to our students, young people, and unemployed graduates (e.g. mobile development) Mentors unemployed graduates on various business start-ups possibilities Conducts research and development related to the project (e.g. impact assessments) Hosts hackathons where participants (students, young people, and unemployed graduates) gain practical experience by developing ICTs that addresses social challenges

How to get involved?

Staff members could make themselves available to train and support students with regard to practical software development skills Staff members could assist in conducting research on various aspects of the project External stakeholders could provide opportunities and environment for students to learn and gain exposure.

Slogan: "Hacking for Humanity…"

Contact details:

Prof Jan H. Kroeze COD: Research and Community Engagement
School of Computing
Tel: +27 11 670 9117

Last modified: 2017/05/05