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ICT in Classroom

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Classroom is a community engagement initiative of the School of Computing (SOC) that is designed to inspire, teach and train educators to utilise up-to-date IT tools and techniques that facilitate the classroom teaching experience.

The project comprises four distinct sub-programmes, namely:

  • Group A – Teaching the computer-aided training (CAT) and Information Technology educators to efficiently use CAT in the classroom;
  • Group B – Training educators on the use of ICT in the classroom with focus on the Google Chromebook project in the development of an Open Education Resources (OER) course (this training session allows educators to maximise the usage of the Google Chromebook);
  • Group C – Science Fair is an engagement with a local secondary school to assist the teachers and learners with their Science projects.
  • Group D – Science Engineering and Technology talks for the community that the SOC serves.

The purpose of ICT in the Classroom

  • This project is aligned with the National Development plan 2030 on improving education, training and innovation as well as social protection.
  • Group A – This is an ongoing project and the goal is the collaboration with the IT and CAT teachers to identify gaps in the training.
  • Group B – This is an ongoing project and the goal is the interaction with the DOE JHB West in hosting workshops for teachers and administrators in the use of ICT in the classroom and school environment with specific focus on using the Google Platform as part of the Google initiative. The goal is the development of an OER course as the main platform of delivery with onsite workshops with the teachers.
  • Group C – This is an ongoing project and the goal is to assist learners who are developing their Science Fair projects; as well as the hosting and evaluation of secondary schools’ Science Fair projects.
  • Group D – This is an ongoing project and the goal is the hosting of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) talks to the community on everyday, IT-related topics.

What is the ICT in the Classroom project doing?

  • Workshops are hosted to address the needs of the above-mentioned groups.
  • Technical training is provided to all the groups by highly skilled lecturers.
  • Training is provided to the participants in the various groups to use and apply ICT in the classroom for the current school syllabus.

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