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Cyber Security Awareness Community Engagement Project (CSACEP)

Cyber Security Awareness Community Engagement Project (CSACEP) is registered as one of the Pro Bono CE projects in the School of Computing. CSACEP goal is to educate children about the risks involved in using information and communication technology (ICT) and also to educate different role players (for example teachers, parents and caregivers) about their role and responsibility with regard to protecting and monitoring children’s activities on the internet.  The project is targeted at Government Schools, and Community-based NGOs.

What is the purpose of CSACEP?

To design and develop material that can be used in cyber awareness initiatives for children to cultivate a cyber-awareness culture in South Africa.
To investigate the different role players (children, teachers and parents) and their duties in ensuring that children are cyber safe. To enhance research within cyber awareness and education field.

What is CSACEP doing?

It promotes cyber awareness at national and international conferences and workshops. It enhances national and international collaboration with experts (academia as well as industry) within the field. It develops and distributes relevant cyber awareness material. It presents open day(s) and workshop(s) to enhance a cyber-awareness culture.

How to get involved?

Academics can make themselves available in order to help in creating project awareness to the target group and to produce research outputs on the project.

Project leader: Prof Elmarie Kritzinger

Last modified: 2017/05/05