Department of Public, Constitutional and International Law

Prof BO Fagbayibo

College of Law
School of Law
Department: Public, Constitutional and International
Tel: 012 496 3766


  • LLD (Pretoria)
  • LLM (Pretoria)
  • LLB (Unisa)

NRF Rating


Currently teaching

  • International Law (LP4801)
  • International Law on Foreign Investments (MIL5903)
  • Foundations of Human Rights (MHR5902)

Fields of academic interests

  • Public International Law
  • Critical international legal education
  • African Union
  • Comparative regionalism
  • Transnational Policy Development
  • International Relations


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Journal articles

  • The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the imperative of democratic legitimacy: An analysis (Frothcoming in the Nigerian Yearbook of International Law)
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