Department of Criminal and Procedural Law

Prof BC Naudé

College of Law
School of Law
Department: Criminal and Procedural Law
Tel: 012 429 8607


  • B-Iuris
  • LLB (Unisa)

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Currently teaching

  • Law of Evidence

Fields of academic interests

  • Criminal Procedural Rights

Field of Specialisation

  • Law of Evidence


Co-author: A Bellengère et al The Law of Evidence in South Africa: Basic Principles (2013)

Terblanche & Naude The Law of Evidence: Cases and Statutes 5 ed (2017)

Journal articles

SS Terblanche & BC Naudé “Oorbevolking van gevangenisse” (1997) 60 THRHR 58

BC Naudé  “Voorafgaande magtiging as vereiste vir lokvalbetrapping” (1998) 11 SACJ 213

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BC Naudé  “Die reg op ‘n billike verhoor in die konteks van lokvalbetrapping en die uitsluiting van ongrondwetlik verkreë getuienis” (2001) 14 SACJ 38

BC Naudé  “The pardoning power as a duty of justice” (2002) 15 SACJ 159

BC Naudé  “Legislative expungement of criminal records” (2002) 15 SACJ 287

BC Naudé  “Newly discovered DNA-evidence: What South Africa can learn from the American experience” (2003) XXXVI Cilsa 217

BC Naudé  “Spousal competence and compellability to testify: A reconsideration” (2004) 17 SACJ 325

BC Naudé  “The unco-operative victim and the admissibility of evidence: some pointers from the USA” (2006) XXXIX Cilsa 450

BC Naudé  “‘Testimonial’ hearsay and the right to challenge evidence” (2006) 19 SACJ 320

BC Naudé  “The inclusion of inevitably discoverable evidence” (2008) 21 SACJ 168

BC Naudé  “The admissibility of extra-curial statements by a non-testifying accused” (2008) 29 Obiter 247

BC Naudé  “Causation as primary requirement for the exclusion of unconstitutionally obtained evidence” (2008) 23 SA Public Law 166

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BC Naudé  “The absolute anonymity of a state witness” (2011) 32     Obiter 158

BC Naudé  “The admissibility of secondary confessions” (2011) 26 SA Public Law 462

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BC Naudé  “The substantive use of prior inconsistent statements” (2013) 26 SACJ 55

BC Naudé  “Face-coverings and the right to a fair trial: Lessons from the US and Canada (2013) XLVI Cilsa 166

BC Naudé  “Ensuring procedurally fair identification parades in South Africa” (2015) 2 SACJ 188

BC Naudé  Discussion of latest cases on the Law of Evidence (2015) 2 SACJ 244

BC Naude  The limits of police deception in obtaining a confession from a suspect who is neither arrested nor detained: The Canadian Supreme Court leads the way (2017) 3 Cilsa 22

BC Naude  Extra-curial statements by a non-testifying co-accused, the Canadian Supreme Court and change in South Africa (2018) 3 Obiter 814