Department of Police Practice

Dr BC Benson

College of Law
School of Criminal Justice
Department: Police Practice
Tel: 012 433 9412


  • DLitt et Phil: Police Science (UNISA)
  • MTech: Policing (Cum laude) (Tshwane University of Technology)
  • BTech: Policing (Cum laude) (Pretoria Technikon)

Currently teaching

  • Supervision of Masters and Doctoral students

Fields of academic interests

  • Cultural heritage
  • Heritage crime
  • Crime investigation
  • Pedagogies and strategies in ODL and DOel

Field of Specialisation

  • Cultural heritage
  • Heritage crime
  • Crime investigation


  • Benson, B.C and Fouche, H. 2014. A South African study on the Interface between the Legal and Illegal Trade in Heritage Items (in  HERITAGE CRIME: PROGRESS, PROSPECTS AND PREVENTION. Published by Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN: 9781137357502)
  • Benson, B.C.,Jones, G and Horne, J. 2015. Forensic Investigation of crime, irregularities and transgressions (in FORENSIC INVESTIGATION: LEGISLATIVE PRINCIPLES AND SCIENTIFIC PRACTICE. Published by JUTA Law, ISBN: 9780702186479)

Journal articles

Benson, B.C. 2008. Analysing police corruption and its possible causes. RIMSA special edition 3.

Benson, B.C. 2010. The illicit trade in heritage objects: Fact or fiction? CRIMSA special edition (1).

Benson, B.C. 2010. Police corruption: a perceptual state of confusion? Acta Academica 42(1)

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Benson, B.C., Horne, J. and Lochner, H. 2012. Making the invisible visible: the presentation of electronic (cell phone) evidence as real evidence in a court of law. Acta Criminologica 25(2).

Benson, B.C and Prinsloo, J. 2013.Thefts from museums and galleries in Gauteng: the value of accurate crime reporting. Acta Criminologica 26 (1).

Benson, B.C and Prinsloo, J. 2013. A perspective on the interpretation of cultural heritage in post-apartheid South Africa. South African Museaums Association Bulletin 36.

Benson, B.C and Roodt, C. 2015. Databases for stolen art: progress, prospects and limitations. SA Crime Quartelry 52

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Benson, B.C. 2016. The Second Hand Goods Act as [In]capable guardian of cultural heritage objects. South African Museums Association Bulletins, 38.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Editor-in-Chief: SAMAB
  • Member of the Policing Association of South Africa (POLSA)



  • Member of IDRA community engangement project
  • Member of Learners and Emerging Researchers sub-committee