College of Law

Transitional arrangements for LLB pipeline students

The transition from the old to the revised curriculum of the LLB from 2018, was based on the premise that no student will be required to complete more than 480 credits, of which at least 120 credits should be on NQF level 8. However, in certain instances, such as when a degree has been re-curriculated a number of times, it was found that some LLB pipeline students who have been repeatedly carried over from the one curriculum to another, will complete the LLB degree with more than the prescribed minimum amount of 480 credits.

According to the statutory requirements for completion of the LLB (which cannot be condoned), the student must complete at least 480 credits of which at least 120 credits should be on NQF level 8.

Hence, the TLI4801 module will be compulsory for all LLB students, including pipeline students.

Important: The old modules, namely CIP2601, CIP3701, CMP2601, CMP3701, EVI3701 and EVI3702 are not equivalent to TLI4801. Therefore no credit exemption may be granted for TLI4801.

Publish date: 2019/01/09