Department of Psychology

Prof M Papaikonomou

College of Human Sciences
School of Social Sciences
Department: Psychology
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 429 8266
Fax: 012 429 3414


  • D Litt et Phil, Psychology (Unisa, 2001)

Fields of academic interests

  • Counselling Techniques
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Health Psychology

Field of Specialisation

  • Research Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Trauma Counselling

Journal articles

  • Papaikonomou, M. (1991). Views of medical practitioners and psychologists on the inadequacies of the biomedical model and the role of psychologists in its extension.  South African Journal of Psychology, 21(2),      97-102.
  • Watson, M, Duvivier, V., Wade Walsh, M., Ashley, S., Davidson, J., Papaikonomou, M., Murday, V., Sacks, N., & Eeles, R. (1998).  “Family history of breast cancer:  What do women understand and recall about their genetic risk?”  Journal of Medical Genetics, 35(9), 731-738.
  • Papaikonomou, M., & Nieuwoudt, J.M.  (2004). Exploring parent's stories of coping with their child's cancer:  A qualitative study.  South African Journal of Psychology 34(2), 283-300.
  • Fernandes, P., Papaikonomou, M., & Nieuwoudt, J. M. (2006). Women suffering through their bodies. South African Journal of Psychology 36(4), 851-879.
  • Struwig, G.A., Papaikonomou, M., & P. Kruger. (2006). Effects of life event stress, exercise workload, hardiness and coping style on susceptibility to the common cold. African Journal for Physical. Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD), 12(4):  369-383.
  • Papaikonomou, M. (2007). Childhood cancer: A parent’s perspective on social support, with a case illustration. Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 19(1), 65-73.
  • Papaikonomou, M.  (2009).  Rape and Trauma:  A Case Study of a Journey of Recovery.  Journal of Psychology in Africa, 19(2), 213-216.
  • Liebenberg, H.B. & Papaikonomou, M. (2010). “Complex Trauma”: Reflections on The Effect of Early Childhood Abuse Among a Small Adult Group of Bariatric Patients.  South African Journal of Psychology, 40(3), 327-337.
  • Appel, D. & Papaikonomou, M. (2013).  Narratives on Death and Bereavement from Three South African Cultures:  An Exploratory Study.  Journal of Psychology in Africa, 23(3), 453-458.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Registered with HPCSA as a Research Psychologist
  • Registered with HPCSA as a Registerd Counsellor
  • Excellence in Tuition Award (2012)


  • What motivates people to volunteer
  • The Influence of parenting styles on childhood development


Non- Accredited Journals:

  • Papaikonomou, M., & Fiedeldey, A.C.  (1991). A holistic approach to medicine.  Propersona, 2(1), 20-24.
  • Papaikonomou, M. (1991). Childhood reactions to hospitalisation in illness.  Unisa Psychologia, 19(2), 32-55.
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  • Papaikonomou, M.  (1999). When a child has cancer:  My story of a mother's story.  South African Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 11(2), 118.