Department of Religious Studies and Arabic

Prof IE Jaffer

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Department: Religious Studies and Arabic
Tel: 012 429 6768


  • BA Degree (Karachi, Pakistan)
  • BA Hons Degree in Arabic (RAU, now UJ)
  • MA Degree in Arabic (RAU, now UJ)
  • D Litt et Phil Arabic (Semitic Languages) (Unisa, 2004)

Fields of academic interests

  • Teaching of Arabic
  • History of Islam
  • Islamic Finance

Field of Specialisation

  • Arabic
  • Islamic Studies

Journal articles

  • 2006: The Meaning and Development of Qur’anic Exegesis’, Journal of Semitics, 15(1), 2006.
  • 2007: ‘The Situation of early Muslims in Pretoria 1881-1899, Journal of Semitics, 16(1), 2007.
  • 2007:  ‘The ‘Asanid of Ibn ‘Abbas in the Tafsir of Al-Tabari and Ibn Kathir’, Journal of Semitics, 16 (2), 2007.
  • 2007: Islam – Sacred scriptures and interpretation. Steyn H C, Kruger J S and Clasquin M.  Religion Studies – Grade 12. Cape Town: Nasou via Afrika.
  • Extensive writing and development of Unisa Study Guides for Arabic and Islamic Studies since 1990.


  • Early Muslims in Pretoria